Saturday, June 8, 2019

Dakota and Prednisone

So those of you that follow
the furbabes know that 
my best bud, Dakota has cancer.

I have been treating him with 
prednisione daily. He has
become so bloated and 
is always hungry.

But then I started to notice that
his skin was getting really dry
and flaking. Then the hair started
coming out.

So between the vet and I the decision
was made to ween him off the 
meds and see how he does. 
So now he is off and we will see.
He feels pretty good right now but
I know that is subject for change.


  1. prayers for Dakota and you and his best friend Lily. poor sweet boy

  2. Gentle hugs to sweet Dakota from all of us.

  3. Oh Pam, I hope Dakota does better without the prednisone. Our Oscar had to take it for mystery allergies for years, but we weened him off and he is much better. Though I did hear that it's worse for dogs than cats long term, not good for their organs. Wishing you pretty pup the best. xxx

  4. Hoping he can pull through.

  5. Thoughts are with you, I know just how you feel. When my Great Dane got leukaemia, I started counting the days. Take care Diane


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