Thursday, April 19, 2018

Silly Little Lily Being Silly and Sweet

Borrowed a bunch of cream colored
tablecloths from a friend for 
Amber's wedding.
I have been slowly, here and there washing
them. Trying to unfold them to wash and
Lily wants to play.

After playing of course she wants to 
curl up in the bin that they store in.

This is a framer for sure!

Oh mom I am so tired.

Yesterday I took a break and decided 
to sit down, I looked up and 
saw this little head that kept
popping up over the laundry
basket....looking at me.

She really loves the small trash can
I keep in the living room.
I have found her in it several times.

I kept this box after Christmas
cause it has its own openings and 
I keep it under the window next
to her perch. 

Half in and half out.

Yesterday I caught her watching a 
wasp on the other
side of the screen. 


Dakota is well. 
He sleeps more than he used to at
the age of 11. Yesterday he
was all over my nerves. He was
following me all over the house, the
yard and of course going to the bathroom
alone is a joke.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Beautiful 80 Degree Day

Two days ago we were sitting at 
80 degrees, cool breeze and NO humidity and 
 today our high will be in the mid 50's!

As it was Lily, Dakota and I 
enjoyed a few hours on the deck when
the temps felt so good. 
Lily loves to watch the birds 
flying around the yard. 

While Lily watches the wildlife
Dakota takes it easy on the glider.

Lily still stands alert as the 
birds come to the feeder in the 
tree next to the deck.

And Dakota wishes I would stop
taking pics of him.
Bless his heart, he has gotten so grey.

I called to Lily and she jerks around 
like I am disturbing her!

If you notice she has a bell on.
Months ago when she was a little thing
I bought her that collar but she was
not having a lot to do with it.
Plus after listening to others I decided
that maybe she did not need it, fear of
her getting caught on something while I was
not home. She is strong enough to break it
loose these days but I only have it on her
when I am home....still a little
 nervous about

Seems to be getting a bit bored
with the birds right now.

She is up under the chair that goes with 
my little table.

 I actually think she knows I am taking
her pic and she is posing for me!

Dakota gave it up and decided to nap.

Thought I would had some pics of
my other furbabe that I took on 
that 80 degree temp day.
She was out in the pasture.

I love her sporting that purple halter!
Course red would have looked good on 
her but being that purple was
my fav color, I made it hers also.

Hoping you have a nice day,

Friday, April 6, 2018

Just Laying Around

Yesterday morning it was a tad cooler
than it had been being.
The babes, and I just wanted to 
lay around.

Only Lily wanted to do 
her laying around in the sun.

All in all it was a restful day.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Silly Lily in the Can

Talking about the kitten....oops
cat that loves to 
get in those tight places,
she jumped in the living room
trash can today.

Love the below pic.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

From A Kitten to a Cat - And Tight Spaces

Hello everyone....
first let start by saying that I am 
so glad all of  you love my furbabes.
Thank you.

This is Lily just a few days 
after coming to live as Dakota's
pet kitten. 

She came right in and made herself at 
home. She was 12 weeks when I got

Today, April 4th, Lily turns one!

I never thought in a million
years I would get a cat. 
I was 57 yrs old.
I never thought in a million
years that Dakota would allow
another pet in his home.
Dakota was 10.

Here are a few pics along the
way with the funny stuff she
has done and the tight places
she loves to get.

Seriously what is it about cats wanting
to get in 

Her and Dakota's water bowl on the 
deck....empty of course.

a flipped over canvas painting.

A skillet.

A pot.

A laundry basket.

Or two.

 A sink.

Or a tub.

Or back to another sink.

Or even her play tunnel.

A box I am about to wrap
at Christmas.

Or an empty box awaiting
a gift.

haha.....or a not so big
shoe box just sitting around
(with Cory in Calif. and me in 
TN. I hold onto boxes for shipping).

Well, if you can't find a box 
lets just do a bag.

And if mom picks up all th e
plastic bags...
a canvas one will do.

Then there are the cool
boxes that mom cuts windows and
doors in so I can play and hide
from Dakota.

And of course, I have to insist on helping mom
with the dishes.

or the washing or drying of the
laundry.... (could not locate pics).

What is it about those places, some
tight, some not, some cold, some not, some
crinkle but yet others don't. 

What is it about a birthday girl 
that loves a empty box to play

She is not my furry little kitten 
anymore, she has become a cat
right before my eyes.

In the pic below Lily is trying out
her new perch granny got her.
She was 14 weeks.

Now look how she feels that 
space out!

She used to love to lay in my arms...
now I just have to grab her and 
love on her when I want too.

I took a chance on a kitten, one that
came over to the side of the cage where
I that picked me for her mom. 
I took a chance bringing her into my home
with a spoiled self centered dog that
played well with his granny's dogs....
but he did not like sharing his mom.
I took a chance in getting him his own
pet, and a kitten that was 10 yrs younger
than him....
and it has been the most amazing 

There are days they don't play, but there
are those days that she starts it and 
so many more where he starts it!

They wrestle together, they sleep together,
they love each other more
than I could ever have hoped for. 
There really was not an adjusting
period with him and her, he loved
her from the start and she knew she
was the queen from the start!

They make my heart so happy, they 
make laugh everyday, they
bring me joy

thanks for stopping in and 
checking on the babes.


Silly Little Lily Being Silly and Sweet

Borrowed a bunch of cream colored tablecloths from a friend for  Amber's wedding. I have been slowly, here and there washing ...