Thursday, November 23, 2017

Silly Little Lily

I really hope I don't 
see this at my house!

This girl is a mess.

But at the end of the day she wants
to be near her man, THE KING!

I will post a pic of Lily holding a 
sign like this if she knocks
my tree down!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Pose

This evening I looked over and these
two were sitting beside each other
so I grabbed the cell.
I looked at them and told them to
look at mom...
Dakota looked away and Lily looked
up...both at the same time!

Finally getting them to look at me
but Lily looks like she is
doing all she can to keep
from falling asleep.

Love Dakota with the cocked head and I 
think there again, I was keeping
Lily up!

Oh my ...they make life so much fun.

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Play Time

Before I go any more into this 
post let me 
say that I 
for the blurred pics...
hard to catch moving pets
at play with a cell phone.
for the unmade bed and the 
closet door standing open!
Been busy with other stuff and
things go undone when I do 
that! HAHA

This is Lily and Dakota 
at PLAY.

Keep in mind that 7
times out of 10 
Dakota starts the play. 

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lily's New Box

I have had several folks
tag me on FB on a video
about making this
box for Lily.

I picked up a box at Lowe's
yesterday ....
and this morning I made this.

Cute box with my tshirt over it....she loves it.

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Dryer, Dishwasher and Washer

In the past week I have
found Lily
in the dryer.

 The dishwasher

And last night...

The washer!

Now if I could teach her how to run these
items life would be good.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Dakota and the Run In with the Reindeer

We are in the Holiday season
now once you make it through

With that I have to share a story
with you.

Dakota don't like water....that
includes RAIN.

One year in Dec. many years ago
leading up to Christmas we had 
several days of  rain.

(photo from internet)

Dakota did not like going out to pee.
He held it for a long time one
day when it was pouring.
He pretty much was crossing his

I made him go out.
He was not happy with me but
once on the porch he ran out.

He hugged the porch keeping him
under the eve of the house.
Keep in mind that when peeing
has to have a certain spot.
I have seen him smell dozen
of pieces of grass before finding the
right one.

So.....wanting to find that right piece
he ran from the porch to the big
tree in the front yard.
I guess the bare branches gave him
enough coverage...
go figure!

I was standing at the screen watching
just to be sure he went
and I saw him look at the 
reindeer in the yard.
I knew that thought, I threw
open the door to yell
when he lifted his leg and 

I heard a yelp, and here he comes running!
It shocked him!

I love him so much but I am sorry,
I had to laugh. 
In the mist of laughing I called
my mom to tell her.
She told me to stop laughing cause
she could not understand me!

Poor baby!

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Lily Being Lily

During my fall a week ago I 
scraped up the toe of my boots.
So needless to say, they needed
a good polish.

I sat them down in the living room
and turned around....coming
back to them I found this....
Lily in my boot.

Once I got her out and started to 
polish two sets of boots I had
Lily as my supervisor !

She stayed there the whole time
and proceeded to oversee the 
job being done.

Such a sweetie..
who could not love that face?

The nurse at the vets office last week
said that Lily did not know what to be,
a tabby or a tortoise with her markings.
Her mom was a tortie. 

Sweet little baby!

I wished I had the video camera on her
last night...
she was laying next to me and 
Dakota when she reached up with 
both paws while sleeping and wrapped them
around her head....
by the time I got the camera ready this
is how she was laying.

OH ME....what a hard day!

She is loving the tunnel Theresa
gave her.

When her and Dakota are playing and 
the KING gets a bit out of hand Lily
will take off running into her tunnel!

She is such a mess.

Thanks for coming by to check on the the babes.

Dakota Under Cover

Through the years Dakota has brought
so much happiness to my life..
Don't get me wrong, I get stressed at him 
also due to his odd behavior at times.
But he is bud, my best friend and I love
him so much.
Lily has just added to our life.

In 2015 I was going to retire from the 
TBI. That winter while going out to 
head to work and always carrying a throw
for the KING....
I would tell him, that next year we would
not have to go out in the wee hours of the 
cold morns to take him to granny's house.

See for 9 yrs he never stayed home all day
by himself....he was with granny and her pups.

Then the week before I put in my retirement papers
after doing the daily count down.....
I took a job with the TSB- TN School
for the Blind. 
So when winter rolled around again I 
got the most terrible looks from 
and the I had to tell him how sorry
I was for dragging him back out
in the cold for another winter!

See that LOOK?

Dakota is a terrier a rat terror....
I mean a rat terrier...
and he gets cold.
I keep a throw on the couch
all year long cause even on the
hottest days, he wants to be covered.!

He even likes to have the phone and remote
near him. Although....he will sit right
there, next to the phone and will not
answer it!

Some parts of his body get he uncovers 

And he loves his head on a pillow.

He was under my gown this one 

Speaking of gown...when I first got him
he would sleep under the cover
curled in a ball tucked in behind my 
One morning I woke at the same time
as he and in the process of coming
out from under the covers....he
crawled up the back of my gown.
I had to sit up and wiggle him out!

This is him and Lily last night.
He is covered....Lily wants
of being under the cover.

Lily is looking at him cause he had
been snoring!
He snores loud!!

Silly Little Lily

I really hope I don't  see this at my house! This girl is a mess. But at the end of the day she wants ...