Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bird Watching and Napping

We have dropped from 80 to
60 degrees today. It is a cool
60 with a breeze and rain.

The deal is, 50 or above
I open the back door for 
I try to take my coffee out 
on the deck with her...and
of course me side kick is
always with me.

Lily bird watching.

Dakota napping under
our fav quilt.

The furbabes are glad you stop
in to check on them.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Boxes and Love

I love when my fur babes 
just want to be close.

This pic below is so funny....
Dakota wanted to play,
Lily just woke and wanted no
part of
she got in her box to hide.

Just in case you were not sure 
if she was in there or not, this pic
proves it!

Every so often she just pops out
to see what is going on!

Yesterday while I was trying to
sweep, Lily just decided to 
crash right in the middle of
what I was doing!

I totally love when she sleep with
her head turned up like this.

Today I brought some dollie
magazines home from mom's. I took the
books out of the box and looked 
down just to see Lily Bit
jumping in the box!

What is it about boxes!?

Then Dakota went over to 
sit by Lily. 

I see these two together it just makes
me so happy! 

They are adorable together!

The fur babes thank for checking 
in on them.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Morning Purrs and Snores

Aren't they just the cutest? 

This was Lily just a bit ago before letting her
on the deck. She is curled up on my
laptop case!

And this is the KING.....
curled up yesterday before leaving
brothers place for home!

He looks so little on the BIG

Here you have Lily Bit between mice
hunting events!

 And yesterday before heading home
she decided she liked laying on 
Mooses bed. 

My babes enjoying being home on 
their couch.

Mom sent some pickled okra to
my brother via me and it was
in this box. I took it out and Lily
tried really hard to force herself in 
the box...
the box won!

thanks for stopping in to 
check on the furbabes...

Monday, February 12, 2018

Furbabes at Ray's

Dakota sometimes goes to the 
barn with me.
I generally don't take him 
if it's really muddy out from rain 
we have had.

I heard Lily meowing up a storm
the other morning.
She is not very vocal so I went
looking for her.
I found her behind the fireplace

Jumped in from the top and could
not get back out..

While Lily is all over the place
Dakota sleeps.

And here they are together again.

Looks like the Queen is happy.

Here she just lays with Maggie.

And here is where she dropped 
#2 to play with it before 
letting Dakota have 
at it.

A bud, Dakota turns
11 yrs old. 
I love you bud!

Thanks for coming by,

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

12 weeks to 10 Months

Look at that sweet face!

12 weeks old.

And look how she has grown.
She just turned 10 months on
the 4th.

Thanks for stopping in,

Monday, February 5, 2018

Animal Love and The Hat

This morning Dakota was laying
under the quilt on the couch but
Lily wanted him to come out and 

She managed to get him to pop his
head out then she decide
to love on him!

This afternoon Dakota went to the 
barn with me to feed the 

I thought he might
have gotten cold!

Isn't he the cutest?

Thanks for stopping in, 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

My Pets Make Me Happy

This morning while loading 
the dishwasher I had help.

Not sure that he input is much
help though.

Later right before I mopped the floor I
went to give Lily some catnip. 

First I put the jar I have it stored
in down to see what she would do...
she put her head in the jar and 
grabbed a bite.
Then next before I knew it, she
stuck a paw in there and 
cupped a bunch pulling it out
all over the floor.

I ended up sweeping a bunch
up, she got less than 1/2 of
what she pulled out. 

But this is her 
after she had some.
And rolled around in more!

HAHA....she makes me laugh.

Yesterday after a BAW moment she
crashed in the living room 
basking in the sunlight coming 
through the window. 

She knows that she is not allowed
on the table or the counter....
that is why she gets on both only if
I am out of the room. 

But this afternoon I went into
the kitchen to see this.

In a shopping bag....but how do you get
onto her when she looks so sweet?

Well you don't. You pull out the
camera and start taking pics.

While my bud lays around on the 
couch most days...
and gets spoiled while I rub his 


Look how gray my bud looks
these days.

Lily sure don't stay put in one place.
She is all over the place.

I love how she still curls up in a 
tight ball and still turns that
face up....and such a sweet face. 

And when she wakes....
she stretches! 

Looks like a person sitting there 
looking out.

And she loves her boxes.

My friend Theresa and I go out
to eat together.
She will call or text me and Dakota
has learned both her ringtone and 
text tone.
He knows when he hears either one
of those that I will be leaving the 
house. He gets right up from the couch
and goes upstairs. That is his go
to spot when he knows he is not going.
It is so funny that he knows those
tones! This is him 
after going upstairs and I don't 
leave...he is wondering why!


Oh my babes make me so happy.
They make me laugh and smile
all the time which makes my
world happy.

Thanks for checking on my furbabes, 

Bird Watching and Napping

We have dropped from 80 to 60 degrees today. It is a cool 60 with a breeze and rain. The deal is, 50 or above I open the back doo...