Friday, June 14, 2019

Lily on the Deck

Lily can be found in several areas
on the deck at any given time
of the day.

Here on the glider.

In mom's chair.

And hanging around on 
the rail.

She is such a mess.

Thursday, June 13, 2019


This is Zuzu.
I have shared Zu with you before
but it has been awhile.

Today afterwork I was laying in my
hammock when I get a text
from my sis in law, Kim.
She says Zu is not acting like 
herself and she threw up once.
But she has laid around in the same
spot all day.

I told her to call the vet and see if 
we could get her there today.
If Kim is sure something is not right
then we needed to take her in.

Good thing that Kim was working from
home today. Zuzu is a sick girl.

A cats blood platelets usually run
6000 and Zu's was only 2100.
Its called Thrombocytopenia.
I was reading and this can be caused
by leukemia but she was tested and was neg.
Or a bone marrow disorder. 

We brought her home with steroids and 
antibiotics just in case there is something
else going on. 
She will go back Tuesday to 
have her platelets checked again.
This might turn around just like that
or she might need to be put 
in the hospital. 

The old Pam would have faith.
The new Pam has seen tables
turn really fast.
I want Zu to be fine,
this is breaking my heart.
Zu is the reason I have Lily Bit.

My brother found her under the shed when
the dog started barking. Mark noticed movement
and crawled under to get her. She was only
about 3 weeks old. Mom must have been
moving the babes when the dog found
Zu and mom did not get back before Mark
got her. She was bottle fed and while
feeding this little kitten that laid
in the palm of my hand, I fell
with a cat for the first time in my life.

I had never even heard of a 
Tortishell cat before.
Upon learning the vet said that
was what Zu was I read up 
on them. 
I also learned that like a calico
only females are Torties.

Lily Bit is part Tortie. Her mom
was full and looks a lot like

Zuzu just have to be okay.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

No Room on the Couch or Chair

Last night I wanted to lay
down on the couch to 
watch some tv.
But there was no room.

took over my chair!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Dakota and Prednisone

So those of you that follow
the furbabes know that 
my best bud, Dakota has cancer.

I have been treating him with 
prednisione daily. He has
become so bloated and 
is always hungry.

But then I started to notice that
his skin was getting really dry
and flaking. Then the hair started
coming out.

So between the vet and I the decision
was made to ween him off the 
meds and see how he does. 
So now he is off and we will see.
He feels pretty good right now but
I know that is subject for change.

Lily Bit and the Deck/Shadow and the Neck

This morning I was waken at 
5 am.....

She was wanting to go out on the 
deck. And normally when I work
I am up then, I open the back door
and let her out while I get ready.

So I did that this morn, only I laid
back down on the couch
with my three lazy dogs
and tried to sleep.

Two hours later I finally got
up after Lily Bit
seemed it doable to wake
me at least four times.

She was wanting her mom on the 
deck with her.

So with coffee in hand,

laying in the hammock, rain
hitting the tin roof, water babbling
in the brook (creek), birds singing,
Dakota snoring and the other two 
laying around on cushions...
I am on the deck. 
It is not 7:41am.
Oh...lets not forget to mention 
as I look over at Lily she is

Now....on to Shadow.
She was there last night 
still and even though I thought
she would not come to me
after doctoring her neck she 
did. But upon looking at 
her I decided that she needs
to see a vet.
A cost I don't need but
I can not let her suffer. 

She has an apt with Dr. King 
(daughters boss)
at noon today.

A shot should help in clearning 
her up.

Thank you all for your concern
over her missing.

Friday, June 7, 2019

She's Back

Standing out in the pasture
after feeding the horses when I heard
a meow, and I knew it was not
from the two younger cats.

Walked around the side of the barn
and look who was coming around
to greet me.

I was so happy to see her.
She followed me up onto the deck. I went 
into Chris house and got pexoide and
neosporin to treat Shadow's
wound under her neck. 
Before she left a flea got
hold of her and she is so allergic.
Anyway I set her up in my lap,
treated her wound and she sat there like
a good girl. But was so ticked when
I put her down. She would not 
come back to me. If this does
not help I will have to get her to the


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Dakota and the Cabinet/Shadow

Well this is new.

I actually don't know what this was
all about.

I opened the cabinet door to 
get trash bags and Dakota crawled up
in there.

All I can guess is that there was
thunder in the distance.

Silly Boy.

On a really upsetting sad news
Shadow is missing.
Three days ago she did not
run out to meet me when I 
got to the barn.
I have looked for her
the last couple of days.

The cats don't wander to
far from the barn but maybe
she went hunting. 
There are coyote out and about
I only hope if that is the case
she did not suffer. 

I hate getting attached to these

But Mom I Want to Try Some

Look who I almost
had coffee with!

That look says she wanted to try it.

My sweet girl.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Lazy Bunch

What a lazy bunch!

The Two Original

These two don't get a lot of
special time together anymore
so when I saw this yesterday I had
to get a pic.

Oh wait...I am forgetting they
do normally get special time, 
on my day off when I want to 
sleep in, at six in the morning...
wrestling on my bed!

I just laugh.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Not a Happy Cat

Oh NO...its a 
male cardinal!
Bright red. 
Lily don't care for them
cause like I explained in another blog
cats don't see red as 
red, they see it as gray or
black. I assume that 
being that dark red Lily sees
this as black. 
And she don't like it.

Ears back.

Pissed look in the eyes.

Yep, she was over this 

Lily on the Deck

Lily can be found in several areas on the deck at any given time of the day. Here on the glider. In mom's chair. ...