Monday, June 18, 2018

Oh the Life

Last week when my youngest
grandson came to visit
I picked up this
velcro catching set.
Braden and I tossed it some but then
he tossed it to Lily who
rolled around on the chair between
her paws for a bit then decided
it was her's and she was not
giving it back.

Yesterday morning these babes
laid together on the deck
before the heat moved in and 
we all went in.

Notice that in the first pic
Dakota is looking at the camera....

But in the last pic Lily is.
Can't get them to play along at the same
time and of course Dakota looks
totally bored.

I got up to go fix my oatmeal 
and came back to Lily
curled up in my chair.

But as soon as I sat on the glider
with my brown sugar and maple
oatmeal she came running.
Lily is not a beggar till it
comes to a banana or
this oatmeal.

Silly critters.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Innocent Faces

Look at those faces!
So sweet, so innocent...
yeah, right!

Dakota don't get into things like he used
to when he was a pup but
Lily on the other hand is a different

You see, if you read my blog today you
know that there has been 
a lot of things spilled on 
my kitchen floor, however with that
being said, it is usually me that 
does the spilling!

Notice almond bag, not sealed
back like it should have been.

This is what can happen with 
Lily around.

Course that just goes to show that
she DOES still get on the 
counter tops when I am not 


Now the funny part of all this is,
when I went in the kitchen to find this,
Lily just looked at me like she was
saying, "what" as I got onto
her. I then told Dakota that she
was his pet and he needed to watch
her better at what point he decided
it was time to shake his head...
in a no manner!

What has your pet gotten into

Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Down Sort of Day

Its been a down day for me today 
but I love how my furbabes 
hang with me through it all.

Gotta love these babes.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

What is it About a Cat and Her Box?

Not yet a year ago I brought 
Tiger Lily
AKA Lily Bit
home in this very box.

I tossed it out on the deck to
take to recycle a long time
ago but it seems I never
made it there with it...

Now I think it is a good thing!

 Lily loves a good ole box!

Even smaller ones in 
the  house!

However Dakota 
don't care for boxes.

He thinks it is fun however when
Lily jumps in one and he
tried to get her!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Friday, June 8, 2018

Stray Cat Comes to Visit

Maybe feeding this baby
was not the best thing
to do!

Yesterday evening it came to
visit and actually slapped at Lily
through the screen. 

Plus, it was hanging under the deck
and the KING decided to go 
visit thinking all cats like
he came running out when
it chased him and hissed, slapping
at him also. 

is a wimp!

I had to bring Lily in early last
night cause the cat kept hanging
around. My daughter warned
me that if it has 
feline leukemia it is 
transmitted thru the air.
Although this babe looks healthy
I can't take the chance with my
Lily Bit.

Since I can't get near this one
I guess I will need to stop
feeding which don't settle
well with me.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

This is How They Roll....I Mean Lay


SNORING of all things!

Lily just being Lily.

Lily telling me to get that camera
out of her face!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Happiness on the Deck

Being a very social person 
all my life it is hard for 
me to say this, but I find
most of my happiness these days
on the deck with my babes!

Yesterday I spent the day laying
around, mostly sleeping.
I had a bad night the night before
so yesterday was a day of rest.

I have NO problems with the 
furbabes, they love to rest also!

This brings happiness to my heart 
and makes being home so

Below~ check out how Lily is
holding onto Dakota!

Finally Dakota had enough closeness!


If wondering, that is a BIG skin tag
on Dakota's neck. I thought about having it
removed but it don't bother him.
However, it does me when he 
scratches and it bleeds but
I think having him put to sleep
and going through an operation 
would be to stressful for him and
I elect to not do that. 

He wears a bandanna most days
and he is handsome but there again
he was handsome with his daily 
red collar on but since it was rubbing
that spot I took that off months 

Thanks for stopping in to
see my furbabe, 

Monday, June 4, 2018

National Hug Your Cat Day

And Lily wishes the day would end
so that I would stop randomly picking
her up and loving on her!

See that look, afraid I will love on 
her again!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Ladder Climbing Lily

How can I not laugh?

There is a part of screen at the top
of my deck that needs to be fixed, at
night it allows Lightning Bugs in....
and since I keep the back door
slightly open they get in the house...

tries to catch them.
Even to the point of thinking
she can climb the ladder
I made for throws and reaching
the one of the ceiling...

OOPS, no such luck 

Oh the Life

Last week when my youngest grandson came to visit I picked up this velcro catching set. Braden and I tossed it some but then ...