Thursday, October 18, 2018

Skulls and Bones and Love

Skulls and Bones
Dakota is ready for

The other night these
two were vegging
on the other end of the 
I love how Lily
is looking down
at her 



Tuesday, October 16, 2018

So Full of Herself

Since adopting Lily
I have learned that somethings
can be a challenge just
having her around.

Listening to music
on the record player.

Maybe she just did not like
the music I had on.

Making the bed!
See the bump under
the sheet?

Yep. that is Lily!

She even tried
helping on dusting
the furniture.

Then after a very busy
she crashed. 

The joys of living with 
a cat.

What sort of things does
your babes get into?

Monday, October 15, 2018

Coffee and Lily Looking Out for Brother

This morning we woke to
pouring rain.
It was coming down so
hard my gutters could
not handle it.

The backdoor was open for
Lily to go out but
since Dakota don't
like the sound of the rain
on the tin roof...
we did coffee in the house.

See the look I just got 
when I asked did he
want to go out to the 

Last night however
Dakota went out to 
the bathroom and 
Lily stood guard.

Looking out for her

It does amaze me the 
love between these
I am so lucky.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Just the Cutest

Now just how cute
is this?

And like a child...
cutest when they are

Lunch today...
Lily decides that she
wants some
of her brothers 
chicken livers.

Lily cat, I think she thinks
she is a dog.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Chilling with 

I have an extra long couch so 
I have my end, Lily took the 
and the KING took the
other end....
not even touching each

Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Visitor

The other day I stepped
out on to the deck
to see this site.
Lily in her box and 
Trixie (the feral) cat
visiting. Trixie is a talker,
I think Lily got bored with

This morning however,
Trixie came to visit
and Lily was trying to
greet her.

Do your pets get visitors?
Or better yet, does your pets
go to granny's house to spend
the night like Dakota does?

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Working and Not Working

If you follow my original
post you have seen the 
below pic.

I worked in the yard yesterday
and this boy followed every step
I made. By later afternoon 
we were both tired.

But...Lily on the other hand
rested while we worked.

After cutting the yard Dakota
and I go back on the deck
for water (him) and tea 
for me. This is the site
I saw just as I stepped
on the deck!

What is wrong with this pic?
We work and the princess
takes it easy.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Sleeping Furbabes

Last night the babes
were chilling with me
on the couch.

Dakota loves to sleep
on the back cushions.

And then there is Lily.

Here they are later just chilling
with mom.

Do your pets keep you 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Aren't they just so adorable?

The furbabes chilling on
the deck with me this 

Yes, we are home now after
a 9 day stay at my
Yesterday was our first
full day home but
I had errands to run...

Lily however was so 
pleased to be able to
go out on the deck.

Here she is at my
brothers however...
first time she realized if
you jump high enough
you can get on the 
antique cabinet
you never been on before!

Although Lily is amazing
and I have no issues 
getting her in the carrier
to go places she really
does not sleep well away
from home.

Here she is trying to nap.

However, our last day at Ray's
I found her here...

on the shelve above the 
washer. RESTING.

She is not afraid in anyway
of the big dogs in the house but
at night they snore, they move around
and Lily hears this which
makes it hard for her
to sleep well.

On the days I fed at the 
barn while house/animal 
sitting I would take her
home for a few hours to
chill. She would avoid the deck
and go upstairs to sleep.

I know she was glad to get home.

Dakota on the other hand stayed at
moms about 6 days out
of the nine that we were gone
from home. He too has no issues
with the big dogs but
he just feels more comfortable
at moms with her dogs, the
ones he has grown up with.
The big ones try to play
with him but the size
bothers him. Moms dogs
are his size.
He however was really
glad to get home
Him and I have been
playing ball and he
has been getting his love
from mom.

Thursday, September 27, 2018


The kids and I came home
for a few hours
today...still hanging
at my brothers house/dog/bird
sitting. Lily of course 
makes herself right 
at home and parks her
rear just whereever she

But when it comes to
back to her carrier
she goes and naps!

Skulls and Bones and Love

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