Friday, July 10, 2020

Morning at the House

This is how mom's morning usually

Lily will wake her around 5:00,
5:30, sometimes 6. she either does
it sitting at the side of moms bed 
with a meow. Other days she will
jump up on the other side of the bed
and run across mom. Either way, mom
gets up.

Most days mom getting up is 
her rolling out of the bed and 
standing there a min to adjust
and getting her body to play
pretty. While this is taking place
Lily sets at the bedroom door waiting.
Mom walks to the door and Lily 
takes off walking in front of her.

When they are in the hall lily
turns to the bathroom figuring
that will be moms first stop.
She waits.

Leaving that room they finish 
the last little bit before the 
two steps going to the living room.
Around the stairs to the dining
room and to the stand where
Lily's dry food is kept. 

Lily jumps up there
and head butts the container
where the food is stored.
Even though food is in the
bowl Lily being a cat requires
it to be filled. So mom does that.
While Lily is TESTING the 
dry food, mom unlocks the 
back door, checks to be sure
the deck screen is shut and 
locked and she leaves the 
door slightly open. 

Mom then heads to the 
couch. Curls up with a 
throw and turns on 
the local news. Not sue
why she turns on the TV
cause she is asleep really

I have seen all this before but
lately I wait a bit before I 
jump down from the bed. 
When I do, I head to the 
couch with mom. Lily is 
normally on the deck by 
this time.

Then around seven Lily
is tired of deck time and she
usually comes in and curls
up with mom and I.

Pic below was taken Wed.
when mom woke up with 
Lily Bit coming to lay
with us. She had laid
down with her phone so 
she had it with her. I actually
think that camera is part of
moms body!

Image may contain: dog and indoor

I am comfy on my end of the couch.
Lily is curled up behind moms legs
and laying on moms foot. Know 
wonder that woke mom cause 
NO ONE touches moms feet!

Normally after the seven am 
(second wake up call) mom 
gets up and moving. Lily 
gets up also and she goes in 
and out all day!

This is morning life
at the Jackson's home.

CheyAnna Bella


  1. Sounds like a really nice morning routine!

  2. Aw, what a wonderful routine. I linked this post to Feline Friday. Lily Bit asked me to.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. My best to your mom. ♥

  3. Haha, life with animals ruling the roost. Keep well Diane

  4. I remember a brief period when Jezebel woke me at 5:00. We still had our cat Tilly, who always rousted my husband out of bed, but when he traveled for work she let Jezzy take wake-up duty. :) Some days, I stayed up and went for a pre-dawn swim at the YMCA.


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