Monday, May 27, 2019

Cheyenne, Chey, Chey-bella

You have met Cheyenne before.
I have this habit of giving my
animals nicknames.

I took to calling Cheyenne, Chey.
But then all of a sudden it started
turning into 

I invision her as my French dog...

Molly is Molly May
Dakota is Kota-Bug
Lily real name is Tigerlily
but I have called her Lily Bit or
someimtes she gets called 

Princess at the barn is
Pretty Princess.
Tigress is Tigress Girl
Shadow is just Shadow for now.

Anyway....I got off my reason for 

I was scrolling through pics and found
these pics of Chey-bella
as a babe.

OH....look at that face!

You see Cheyenne was my daughters
dog. But she is a runner so when Amber
was moving from a house to an apartment,
Amber asked mom to keep her till
they got moved.

Mom elected to keep her for fear that
she would run out once the door
was open and get hit in the 
parking lot.

Now, we all know that she is mine.
She is working out great here
and thank goodness for the
fence cause she is still a runner.


  1. Awww, what a cute puppy she was. So adorable.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. our baby girl was a runner but she was 50 pounds. chey is adorable then and now. we do that with big boy, he has many names

  3. She's a sweetie...oh I do the same Pam...Jack has so many names...the latest is "Jackson" and when we drop cheese on the floor "accidentally" we call it a "Jack-ciddent" lol...because he comes running for the cheese, Charlie is often "Charlita" and Marlene is "Marlena Detriecht" (spelling???) Leo is Hobo Leo (because he loves to lie down on newspapers) Oscar is "Baby Oscar" and Dana is "Little Dana" or sometimes "Little Bugger" :)) Pets rock!!! :)

  4. Such a cutie and the wee pics are adorable!



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