Thursday, December 5, 2019

Wine in Cereal / Zuzu

HAHA ...
One of mom's friends tagged heron fb with this meme, telling herit looked like me. Well, okay, I seeit in the coloring but you know thatcat don't have my eyes!
Image may contain: cat and text
Mom says I have the prettiest eyes.
Oops, I got caught up with, this wassuppose to be Zuzu's post and I hijacked it! Sorry Zu.
Signing off,Lily Bit

Hey, Zuzu popping in to blog today.Auntie Pam came by yesterday to check on us cats at our house causemom and dad were running late. 
Image may contain: cat and indoor
Anyway, here I am posing for a pic with thesunshine coming in through the window. Sun felt so good. 
I love when Auntie Pam checks on us.Shhhh, don't tell mom and dad but Itry to mess with them all when I can.You see, if mom or dad are home and Auntie Pam comes over then I hide.But when they are not there, I meether at the door and roll over on my back to be rubbed. Auntie Pamtells mom about it but then she nevergets to see it except in pics....Auntie Pam takes a lot of pics. 
Anyway, just wanted to say hi.Oh and Lily Bit, I let you in on my blog today just don't makea habit of it. 

Zuzu AKA Zu or Zulla Bell(thanks to Auntie Pam)


  1. Enjoy the sun and the tummy rubs sweet Zuzu! Howdy Lily Bit!

  2. smiling now. thanks for the smiles from both of you

  3. Wine in cereal before going to work is a great idea.

    Both of you kitties are adorable. Just saying.

    I linked this post to Feline Friday.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. My best to Pam. ♥

  4. The first pic made me laugh. The second is cute.


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