Thursday, August 1, 2019

Life of a Furbabe

The furbabes welcome
you to 

The animals have been
giving me a run for my money...
and I do mean money!
But that is okay, I need
them taking care of.

There was Molly.
ER Vet Bill
then cremation.

I picked these up at the
vets last week.
The vet where the furbabes
go and where my daughter
works made the paw
prints of Molly.

That same vets sent her
off for me for 
If you missed that post,
that was my moms last
wish for her babes.

Also last week I had
to take Dakota in 
to the vets. 
(thank goodness, cause
since I am Amber's mom
Dr. King does not charge me
an office visit).
He is having skin issues.

Round patches on his body
where it crust over and his
hair falls out. It does not seem
to even bother him but it
is a skin infection caused from
the cancer that is working within.
He is on meds to help
clear this up for 2
weeks which due to the 
nature of this stuff he might
need even more meds once this
these are gone. 

Cheyenne is on meds
as of yesterday.
And when I say CRAP I
mean CRAP.....
3 days worth of 

Started out yellow then 
it started looking like
chocolate pudding.
I usually found it .....
yep you got it  by
stepping in it. I now
look at the floor when I walk.

She has broke in the floor 
that I laid in the guest
room a couple yrs ago. 
And it is really a good thing
that I have been taking up carpet
to lay more floor cause I 
actually had to do that in my room
because I can't get the stains up. 

Chey don't go in the house but
these issues took place
when I was gone and I was
not there to let her out.
I have started laying 
pee pads down again for
her till we are over this.

Thanks again for Dr. King
not requiring I bring her
in and I only had to 
pay for the cost of the meds.

We were all worn out 
last night after a day of
going out and in to use the 
bathroom (no I was not 
going out to do that myself)
but it requires a lot of
door opening.

Thank goodness I 
also have an extra 
long couch.

Lily I think was worn out
from watching me let them 
in and out!

She has become an indoor
cat for sure. Last yr she would
hang on the deck all day long
and I just kept the door cracked
so she could come and go....
I have found she must not
be liking the heat so much 
this yr cause she stays in 
a lot more now. 

Anyway.....maybe August is
our month of change!!


  1. Those sweet critters sure appreciate your love and care...and the food too!

  2. Love the heart with the paw print, what a great idea, Hope you feel better very soon Diane

  3. so sorry about all the visits and illness in your sweet furbabes. I rub olive oil on the patches of fur that falls out.. when big had the raw spots from surgery, with no hair I rubbed it in that to.



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