Sunday, August 25, 2019

Hiding and Eating

Today I am sharing a 
pic of Lily Bit right 
after I got her....

She was so tiny, now she
fills that cat tree perch. 

Yesterday while messing around
and trying to get some things
done I stumbled upon
this site.

Lily hiding under
some deck curtains I started
to hang before realizing
I need to go get the ladder!
They got knocked from the 
glider to the deck and 
Lily was taking full

I have come to know that
when the head is covered
she thinks she is out
of site!

Trixie has showed up
for the last four days.

I make sure she has food
even if she don't eat...
like I said before I think 
she is the 
HOOD cat,
meaning she is well
fed by the neighborhood.

She is just so pretty but
in passing water to her
yesterday she almost got me
with that swipe of hers added
in with the hiss!

One day maybe critters will learn
to not swipe at the hand
feeding out!


  1. she is pretty and critters in the wild do swipe at the hand that feeds them.. I love that Lily under the curtain pic

  2. Lily is so adorable and Trixie will learn that you're not going to try and eat her.

  3. You are a lot more generous than I am. If Trixie swiped and hissed at me that would be the last time I got near her! Food and water from a distance maybe.



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