Tuesday, August 6, 2019

All Stretched Out

Yesterday afternoon I ventured
out to the deck, fan blowing
on me cause we are for
sure in August!

Swinging in the hammock
I glance over and 
see Lily Bit

I think I need to redo
the top of her cat stand.
Altough Lily is a tiny
girl (7 lbs) she
as out grown her perch.
This one stays on the 
deck for her. 
Check out the dangling leg!!!

The black on the bottom of
her paws looks
like black velvet.

She is just sweet.

Lily and the other furs
including Misfire thank you
for taking time to see what
they have been into!


  1. It is a pleasure to see what they have been up to. Love them all. Take care Diane

  2. Aw, what a cutie pie. I linked this post to Happy Tuesday. Lily is happy. ♥

  3. Lily is such a pretty gal and a dangle pro!

  4. No matter how long our cat shelves are...they always dangle something lol!


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