Monday, February 24, 2020

The Bag of Food

Mom took another load out
of the house again today.
The three of us furs are still
not sure what is going on 
but mom said it will be a nice

Anyway, mom said she had 
errands to run and the 
store was on the list of
stops she had to make.

She came in the door
with a bunch of bags,
sitting some in the floor
and some on the table by
the door. Once she got in 
and sat her purse down, she
grabbed up some bags 
and headed to the kitchen.

When she finished putting up
some stuff she came back 
into the living room and saw
this site......

No photo description available.

Yep, that silly Lily had torn 
into her bag of cat food. 

Image may contain: text

The funny thing is she has
a bowl of this same stuff
on the dryer. Mom just laughed
at her. Seems like that girl never
gets in trouble.



  1. I wouldn't call that a bad thing either. Whatever Lily does is perfect.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

  2. Hey, you left the bag so self-service was a must!

  3. Sweet Lily! My girls eat the same brand. It's so good and heathy for you!


  4. maybe she was after a way to get inside of the bag and not the food??? silly Lily

  5. You're still the King, though. ~grin~


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