Monday, February 3, 2020

Cold Potty Thing

When mom gets ready for work in 
the morning, she has company.

I think this is Lily's way of
loving mom, by staying close.

Usually mom has a basket
on the back of the potty but
this morning she did not 
and this took place.

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Dakota and I are usually laying around
on the couch while mom is getting 
ready, we know Lily must be in there
cause mom will bust out laughing!

No photo description available.

Lily does do some of the silliest things

Image may contain: cat

But she sure does look like she
is comfy on the back of that cold
potty thing!

Image may contain: cat

Right now I am curled up
next to mom and Lily is in 
the chair sleeping. I like touch
mom when I sleep, Lily however
don't. But she sure does like
to wake mom early in the morn
hours to have her head rubbed.

Oops....sorry I sort of dozed off
there for a minute. I think I will
say good night and go back to sleep.

Thanks for saying hi,


  1. Hi, Chey.. good job on your reporting today. Lily is a silly cat and she makes me laugh too.... not a Cat In The Hat, but a Cat On A Commode! love it

  2. Howdy Chey! Yes, Lily looks pretty happy with her new chillaxing spot!

  3. How fun. So adorable. I linked this post to Happy Tuesday.

    Have a fabulous day. My best to your mom. ♥

  4. Hope you had a good nap. :) Lily is silly, for sure.

  5. They get grumpy if they don't get their 20 hours of sleep...hee hee :P



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