Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping arrangements
at my house can 
get interesting.

You see, I have a 
queen size bed and 
I share it with three
 dogs and 
a cat. 

Dakota is the only 
one that
will sleep under 
cover. But, that can 
Some nights its
 in and out.

I never feel him coming
 out though 
from under the 
cover but
I always know when 
he wants
under them.  I know
 this cause
although he can get
 under the 
covers by himself 
he feels the 
need to wake me,
 by scratching
at me. I raise the 
cover and 
under he goes. 
How many times
 a night
this happens can vary.

But since Chey 
and Molly
have come into 
our home or
should I say bed things 
have changed. 

Chey loves to sleeping
with a part of her 
body touching me, 
usually her back side.
The problem has come into 
play with Dakota 
wanting under
the covers cause Chey
sleeps sideways 
in the bed, 
up next to me. 

Raising the blankets for
Dakota to crawl under is
really hard cause of the 
way she lays. I 
have been 
having to raise 
her up while
she sleeps on the 
blankets cause
not only does Dakota want 
under, he wants to go to the 
bottom of the bed.

Now Molly used to 
sleep on a dog
bed on the floor. 

I felt bad about
that so one day I put her up
on the bed, I banked 
the side I 
was not one 
with pillows, I 
was afraid she 
would fall off but
the amazing thing is she
usually don't ever move. 

As for Lily Bit....
haha, I really have no clue
where she sleeps. 
She used to sleep with 
Dakota and I but since
the bed got crowded 
things changed. 

Some nights I 
get up cause 
Dakota needs to 
go out (he
is the only dog 
that gets up 
at night) and when
 I go down
to let him out 
Lily is on the 
chair.  Other times I find her
on the bed with us
 but lately she
has been sleeping in a 
narrow box next
to my bed that is full
of material and other stuff.

She is such a mess.
My daughter asked 
me if I 
get any sleep and the 
answer I 
gave her was .....
not really.
Course that adds 
to my fatigue in 

Sweet Dreams


  1. I used to have my great dane sleeping on my bed, I finally got a bigger bed so there was room for me!!! Take it easy, Diane

  2. Those sweeties sure do have it made though!

  3. When Alex is working all night, all three dogs and Oscar the cat sleep on the bed with me. Dakota is the same as Jack! He loves to be under and sneaks out without my knowledge, then I get the paw on my arm to let him go back under. Charlie stretches out and she's nearly as tall as I am lol!

  4. cats amaze me that they can and will sleep anywhere, from the top of a fridge to ledge on a window and never fall off. your pups looks so sweet and happy

  5. You brought back memories. We had one dog when the kids were growing up and she would take turns sleeping with them. It could be funny at times.

  6. Adorable! Lovely to read about the sleeping habits of your furry family.


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