Monday, March 18, 2019

Sleeping/ Playtime

Well they took over their
side of the bed last night when
it was time for bed!

Then little girl decided to 
join them!

I think she was tired cause we
played several times yesterday.

And her and Dakota played some
together also.

There are those times that
she just has to sit 
and look pretty but here
I was playing with her Cat
Dancer and she looks
cross eyed!

Then later in the day........
she not only sits in a box she
sits in a box in a box!


Then comes the "she won't play
with me" look.

I tell you, this girl is all over
the place.

She loves running through her tunnel
at moms cause it slides all over
the place on that floor better
than it does at the house
on carpet.

When its too cool to hang
on the deck Lily has
taken to sitting in the window
down in the den. I missed
the best pic, she was stretched
out and sunning. But the
time I grabbed the camera
she had moved to 
sit up.

Late yesterday she decided she
wanted brother time so she
crawls up to hang with 

I guess cause she was not raised
with the other dogs she don't
hang with them or give
them much attention as
she does Dakota. 

Got a message on FB yesterday
from Julie at TN Tiny Weddings.
She said her furbabes had
something to share with my furbabes
if I was out and about.
I ran over before going to feed.
and this is what she wanted
to share with my furbabes.

That was so sweet of her.
My babes get a bowl of treats
before bedtime every night so 
they were happy getting something


  1. Love all your furbabes but Lily is such a character. Happy days Diane

  2. Awww, these shots are adorable. You've a houseful of babes. So precious.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Scritches to all your babes, Pam. ♥

  3. What sweeties! You took some lovely pictures.

  4. she feels warm in the tunnel.
    have a great day

  5. I love the way they take over your bed, and the box in a box is so precious. Lilly is such a charming cat...

  6. Everyone sure was having some fun!

  7. Wonderful pictures! I adore your posts of all these sweeties.


The Unknown

 Lily likes to sit up high and look out into the unknown. Misty River