Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Sleeping Babes and Attitudes

Why is it that sleeping animals
and sleeping babies are the 
cuties things?

I looked over the other day
and saw Dakota, Lily and 
Cheyenne taking their nap
for the day.

That same evening after
spending two days on 
the deck
(which she loves)
Lily was OUT.

Then she stretched!

Last night on the way to bed
I look over to see this.
and Chole.

We are still trying to adjust to living
without the babes mom and mine.
But things are about to change
even more~
I went over to my home yesterday
to clean and do some work so
that I can move us all over

Right now though this is how our
morning goes~
6am or slightly before
Lily wakes me (the time 
change did not affect her at all).
When I roll, push and climb out
of bed she runs to the guest room
so that I will go and top off her
dry food. Dakota has to get out
of the bed with me. I go to the
kitchen, start my coffee and take
my vits and supplements. 
Dakota don't need to go out usually
cause he gets up around 3 to
4 am and goes then.
Fix my coffee, sit down and start
enjoying it and Chole gets up
and wants out. I go sit back
down and then just as my rear hits
the couch here comes Cheyenne. I could
stand that and wait but if I do 
that the routine changes.
But if I sat down with my coffee again
then here comes Molly and wants
At my house however that will change.
Since my room is up stairs they will
all be getting up at the same time and 
going out cause Cheyenne is a runner and 
Chole is just not the brightest they will have
to be put on a leash and going out....unlike
moms house my yard is not fenced. 

The newest adventure in our life is
about to start....
ready or not.


  1. I did not realize you have been staying at your mothers house. don't know how I missed that. I don't know how you will stand not having a fenced yard with all these babies... I thought your yard was fenced. are you allowed to fence it? this will be tramatic for all of you I am sure.

  2. You've a houseful of babes. You'll get it right and so will they. You'll see to it.

    Scritches to all the babes. ♥

  3. Such sweeties and yes, that will be an adventure for all of you.

  4. I am sure that you will be happy to be back in your own home but training the furbabes to do what you want may not be quite so simple !! Have a happy day Diane

  5. cute and peaceful....
    have a great day


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