Monday, November 30, 2020

Accident and Life with Misty

 We had a scare the other day while Mom was hanging clothes up to put in the closet. Misty runs full open and all of a sudden she stopped. Mom looked and she had run into this hanger.

It was laying over in the cradle like this. with others.

Thank goodness this hanger had a blunt end on it,
cause it was wedged between Misty's eyeball and 
the bottom eye lid. Mom had to pull it out.
She said Misty's eye was a little red but it was
not hurt. She was lucky.

I think Lily is jealous cause Misty wants to be really
close to mom all the time unless she is playing. Mom was 
chilling on the couch the other day and Misty crawled
up on her just to look at her.

She had crawled under Mom's laptop. 

She was comfy. 

Lily plays with Misty every so often but when she is done, she
meows and bops Misty on the head. Mom had hoped that Misty
would be able to help Lily since she knew that Lily missed
playing with Dakota. Now Mom is hoping that it gets better as
Misty grows. 

Mom is trying to teach Misty the boundaries so that Lily
don't feel like she is giving up everything. 
Misty will get on the cat tree but Mom will not allow her
to get on the top, that is Lily's spot. 

Misty is still sleeping in the guest room too. Mom says
that she will not let Misty start sleeping with us till
Lily's mood settles down some. 

Me, I am cool with Misty. She don't mind that I growl
when I play. Her and I play a lot. But she also gets
on my last nerve when I want to sleep and she
tried biting on me to play. 

Mom is attached to Misty and she is now a part of
us but Mom is worried cause Lily has not only taken
to having a catitude but a tortitude also towards Mom.
When Mom used to pick up Lily she would do a short
meow and she would give Mom a minute to hold her
and love on her. Now Lily does several loud leave
me along meows. It is hurting Mom some. 



  1. I am so happy to read that the hanger accident did not do any permanent harm. I am thinking that lillybit is really jealous because she was the only cat in the house and now she is not I do hope that some day that will go away

  2. Lily Bit is jealous of the new kitty. I hope that changes soon. It does take time to adjust to a new family member. Yikes on that hanger. I'm glad she's okay.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to all the babes. ♥

  3. All will settle down, just give Lily her space and let her tell you when she wants some attention. Yes, as Misty gets older she will calm. I'm sure glad her eye is okay, that had to be really scary.

  4. What a terrifying accident! We've had similar scares but this one is unique. And I think Lily will adjust over time. I'm sorry your mom is hurting in the meantime, Chey, so be sure to give her extra snuggles. Ok?


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