Friday, November 15, 2019

Feral Community Update

I know that you folks are
waiting to see what pet
post a blog and what they
have to say but....its me again,

Just wanted to give you an 
update on the feral community
that somehow found their way
to my brothers house.

He caught the 8 to take in 
to be fixed however one
mom cat was smarter than
him and would not enter
the cage. One baby would not
enter. Not sure what the baby
is. But out of the 8 Mark took
in today, all but one were males.
The one that was female is the 
mom to the baby that Mark
could not catch. Its sibling was
caught but was to small to fix
at this time.

No photo description available.

So out of 10 cats, 2 are female, one not
sure of and 7 males. The above cat
showed up about two weeks ago.
Pretty sure this is or was
an indoor cat. He is part Siamese.

SUVs always look like
there is a lot of room....
but when hauling cats in
cages, not so big after all. 
I went with Mark to big
the furbabes up. 
We had five cages in 
the rear and three in the 
back seat. Full load. 
No photo description available.

Only long haired cat in 
the bunch (below). 

Image may contain: cat

He is BEAUTIFUL and more
scared then any of the others. 
I just love this beautiful babe. 

With all that said I just wanted
to let you know that ALL the 
furbabes are doing great. Mark
has them still in the cages in 
the laundry room in the house.
He can let them out tomorrow 
afternoon. Till then he is taking
great care of them. 

One more thing....I saw this
on fb and had to laugh.
Jump over and read up on 


  1. I'm glad all worked out for those sweeties and I hope they all heal up quickly.

  2. good job, we need more people doing this

  3. Great job on the kitties. You two rock and what a great team. I think you're going to take the long haired one? Just a thought.

    I did read about that escape artist on FB yesterday.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  4. Lovely kitties. You and your brother are doing a great job.

  5. read my blog from today about capturing kitties....cheers and keep up the good work!

  6. I love reading posts like this Pam. I think it's so important to tnr (trap neuter return) feral cats. I've read so many times that it can be hard to catch a mom cat. Have you ever heard of the kitten lady named Hannah Shaw. She does amazing work with saving kittens etc. Her you tube videos are very helpful and educational.

  7. God bless you and your brother. ~hugs~ Hope you're well, my dear.


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