Saturday, January 26, 2019

Adorable / Fitting in / Misfire

What is it about this girl 
that makes everything she
does so cute?

Just laying on the back
of the couch with one
paw hanging...

Then there is the silly 

But if you wonder how
she is doing with the 
extra dogs in her
life this should show you.

The oldest dog, Molly can't get on 
the bed and don't like to 
be picked up so she is not
in the pics.

And here is my sweet barn babe.
Looks like she has had a 
good time rolling around
in the mud.

I need to get over there today
while it is a tad warmer
and brush her. 
Depending on the head that
is....oh not her's, mine.
Feeling better, but head is 
still not right.


  1. sorry you have been so ill on top of everything else going on in your life. I am so happy to see Lily and all her dog pack love each other. makes me happy to see them together as does silly lily upside down in the middle of the floor

  2. Lily is amazing not only has she settled in well extra dogs but they have accepted her as well. Get better quickly. Diane

  3. Lily's coloration is so pretty. I'm not sure I've mentioned that before. And I still like Misfire's name. ~grin~ Feel better!


Just Chilling

 Lily and I just chilling. Chey