Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Yesterday while gathering
recyclables up to take off
(and has yet to be gone) I sat
this box on the table outside
nect to the recycle stuff on the

Look who took it over.

We know cats love boxes....

Well Lily loves to sit on 
the table out on the deck
and having a box on it 
to get in is all 
the better I 

Pic below was taken 
this morning while
I drank my coffee.


  1. I am thinking the box has a new home on that table.

  2. So glad Dakota is feeling better. Clever idea with the glass. Tilly inhales her food so she can then steal Jezebel's. ~sigh~ But it's canned wet food, so my best technique is to really mash it into her plate so she can't eat quite as fast. Heh... As for boxes, I've read that cats will even get within a square or rectangular shape marked out on a flat surface! I can attest to the fact Jezebel sometimes lays atop the heating pad my husband sleeps on. And it's not for warmth, as the thing is off by that time. Silly critters.


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