Saturday, November 11, 2017

Dryer, Dishwasher and Washer

In the past week I have
found Lily
in the dryer.

 The dishwasher

And last night...

The washer!

Now if I could teach her how to run these
items life would be good.


  1. she is so cute, and I know you are careful, but all this makes me afraid for her getting caught in one that is turned on... my grandmother killed a kitten that got in the fridge.. kitten alert kitten alert...

  2. Oh that tiny, sweet face! Love her.

  3. Lily is a little sweetheart, so cute!

  4. Funny girl! We found our big cat Leo in the dryer one day sitting on a pile of clean towels. Nobody opened the dryer door...he found a way somehow!

  5. I actually gasped at that last one. Who would have thought? Tilly did start to climb on the dishwasher door the other day, but didn't get far. I fear she would break it, heavy as she is. ~grin~ Be well!

  6. Just hope that she is seen before you use them !!!! Diane


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